Everyone needs SOMEONE

Personal Services - A concierge for you

Everyone today is increasingly aware of the need to maintain a balance in their own life and in those around them. A busy lifestyle and hectic family schedules often mean that things go undone, or you don't get the time to do them as well as you'd like.

How often have you been faced with some task and said "I wish I had someone to ..."?

Someone Lifestyle Services is your personal concierge, providing personal services as you need them. Consider the following, and see how we can quickly make a difference to your family life balance:

Do you race from work to childcare or school in the afternoon? Then to the supermarket with tired and hungry kids, with the usual result of a harrowing experience for all concerned. Then fight the traffic back home, and get started straight into preparing dinner and helping with homework at the same time. Maybe you have bought snacks for the kids at the shopping centre, not as nutritious as you'd like but they needed something after the day at school.

Now imagine that we have already done the shopping trip for you, and put it away if you like. So now you can get the kids home after school, give them a healthy (and cheaper) snack at home while you have a coffee and discuss the day with them. They get some play time before homework, while you can start dinner without stress. You've saved money on petrol avoiding the crowded shopping centre too.


  • When the plumber can finally come but on the day of the swimming carnival, or
  • Those crucial meetings at work clash with organising the fairy birthday party, or
  • You can't face another trip to IKEA on the weekend, or
  • Your car really needs that service

you can safely say that Someone will take care of it.