Everyone needs SOMEONE

Corporate Services - A Concierge on call

Business today is increasingly intense, demanding a greater focus than ever before. Good business practice requires that staff at all levels are able to balance their professional life with their personal life.

Someone is able to provide the buffer so that valuable staff are able to concentrate on the important tasks at hand, without being distracted with the mundane.

By engaging Someone Lifestyle Services business can proactively assist in maintaining this crucial balance.

When your business subscribes to Someone Lifestyle Services you are able to specify the ways in which you'll use our services. Imagine the surprise, and subsequent improvement in attitude and motivation, of your employees when informed that they have access Someone's services. It may be a regular feature or as a special reward. Either way both your business and your employees benefit.

Studies have shown that the amount of productive time lost to business by distracted employees costs literally millions of dollars each year. You can help your business maintain its cost effectiveness without detriment to employee morale. In fact you can improve morale at the same time! Any business which seeks win-win situations will benefit, and win-win is the alternative we offer.

Of course sometimes it may be the business itself which needs Someone. Whether you are a larger enterprise judging the effectiveness of your staff training with 'mystery shopper/calls', a small business in need of a web presence, or any business with a seasonal load taking regular employees from their usual duties (does your personal assistant need to be the one to organise the Christmas Party?), Someone Lifestyle Services has the discretion, professionalism and drive to ensure a successful outcome.